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Thank you for considering joining Teak & Holly. We look forward to guiding you along the road to finding love. 

We will serve as Navigation Assistants for your dating life. It's our goal to create opportunities for you to meet that special someone, wherever he or she might be. You may find a match within Teak & Holly's client base, but you may not, so we'll also explore all sort of other ways for you to meet your person. After all, with the numbers of people who are out there looking for love, it only makes sense to make the most of all of the resources that are available. For that reason, the first step in our process is for us to speak on the phone to come up with a dating strategy.

Steps in a dating plan can include:

Meeting with us to talk through what you're really looking for in a potential partner and what a successful outcome in the process would be for you

Completing our questionnaire and checking to see if any of our clients are potential matches for you.

Talking about online dating and deciding whether or not it's something that you're interested in trying

Getting professional photos taken for a fresh new profile photo

Meeting with an image consultant to make sure you feel great and are putting your best foot forward

Getting help writing your online profile and managing social media accounts

Learning about organizations you can join or events you can attend to meet new people

Learning more about the Matchmakers and Dating Coaches that we work with

As the process continues:

Jill will continue to be there for you to help assess what's working and what isn't working.

We encourage all of our members to be proactive about staying in touch with us. Please keep us in the loop on how your search for love is going and especially let us know if you have found the love that you have been looking for!

There is nothing better than hearing Love Stories!  

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