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5 Questions Everyone Wants To Know About Matchmaking

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Are you curious about matchmaking, but not sure if you’re fully ready to take the leap? We GET it! Especially for those who have been in the dating game a while, the learning curve can feel a bit daunting. We’re here to tell you that matchmaking is an incredible way to meet someone special - but admittedly it isn’t for everyone! We want you to feel more than informed on what it means to partake in matchmaking, and specifically matchmaking with Hinckley Introductions. Question 1: How much does it cost? This is one of the questions we are asked right away, if not in the first few moments of a conversation with a prospective client. We get it! Money is important and nobody wants to feel taken advantage of, especially when it comes to your love life. In order to get the best results, matchmaking is usually a 6-month to a year-long contract which means it’s an investment! We are with you all the way through the process, setting up dates, following up after the dates, and giving you tips to help you navigate the dating world. It is certainly not for everyone, but for those who have very busy lives or want to take a more private approach to dating it’s a great way to go! Question 2: Do you screen the people in your group? Yes we do! We try to meet in person or Facetime with both parties before making an introduction to get a sense of compatibility ahead of the date. Many times we also run a Google check as well. These processes put us (and you!) in the best possible position to make a connection. Question 3: So how many people do you have in your database? Most matchmakers have hundreds or even thousands of people in their databases! Often times, matchmakers will also reach out to other matchmakers to see if they may have someone in their database that would work well with you. We love to collaborate! Please note that just being in a matchmaker's database is not a proactive approach, but it's possible you’ll be contacted and set up with one of our clients. Here’s the link to our registry, we’d love to have you as a guest!

Question 4: What about your ratio of men to women? Do you have an equal amount of men and women in your database? Unfortunately, there isn’t usually an exact 50/50 split in the matchmaking world. Matchmaker's databases usually mirror the general population of singles. It’s virtually impossible to have our databases be a perfect split between men and woman, but we do our best to create balance in our networks. Question 5: What’s your success rate? This is complicated - not everyone’s definition of “success” is the same and love is not a tangible thing. We will always take time to analyze your goals and see what the best path going forward is. We're here to create opportunities for our clients, therefore we only work with a limited number of people at one time, and we only take on clients with expectations that line up with ours. We want you to have a positive experience as much as you do! Our goal is to empower you to find the best relationship for you, with us by your side. That said, you need to go into the process ready and willing to take responsibility for the outcome. After all, ultimately, it's your love life! Do you have more questions? Are you ready to take the plunge? :-)

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